We want to thank our loyal clients for their continued business and feedback. This allows us to provide the most efficient organizing solutions.

“Sort It Out has transformed my office space in a way that helps me manage my materials and my clients. As the owner of an interior design firm, they’ve helped me categorize and sort my many fabrics, wallpapers, and office supplies in an efficient manner. They’ve set up an organizational system which allows me to run a more successful business!”  —Lisa T.

“Sort it Out totally revamped my pantry. It was a disaster and I couldn’t find anything. They came in, took measurements, and using a few tricks that I would never have figured out, made my pantry a space I could find things. The space became functional again. I was so happy with the results, I also had them organize my kitchen desk area.” —Sharon S.

“The work that Sort It Out did for me and my family was life-changing. I know that sounds dramatic, but they helped me declutter many rooms in my house and made great storage systems for each member of our family. They can really look at any space and figure out the best use for it.” —Kate K

“Jamie and Mauri from Sort It Out are incredible. The came into my house and totally organized my closets and basement. They also gave me great tips on managing my paperwork and schedule. They were totally professional and so easy to deal with. I highly recommend them!” —Emily R.

“I’ve hired Sort It Out for the organizing of several closets and my laundry room. They took all the measurements, assessed my needs, and offered a choice in solutions while keeping my budget in mind. I just hired them again to tackle the basement – I love feeling organized thanks to Sort It Out!” —Meredith H.