Move In / Move Out

Don’t know how or where to start? Just the idea of a move can be overwhelming. We can break the process into manageable steps, assist in downsizing, packing and unpacking and minimize unwanted & unused items.

Kitchen / Pantry

Buying bulk amounts of items only to discover you already had them hidden in a cupboard? We will organize cabinetry, drawers and countertops and strategically place utensils, pots/pans, and all appliances/pantry items.

closet organization


No need to search for that favorite dress. Organize your closet so everything you need to access is within reach and easy to find. We’ll edit and arrange clothing and accessories by season, category and color.

home office


Are those files piling up, need to find a critical document or a bill that requires immediate attention? We can help de-clutter, maximize workspace, control paper management and create functional filing systems.

Computer Organization

Having difficulty finding that resume you created years ago, are you missing important appointments or is your inbox overflowing with emails? We can help with file, email and calendar management as well as software installation.



Has your play space taken over your house? Are your children even playing with a fraction of the gadgets accumulated over the years? We can help eliminate and store outgrown toys/games and contain art supplies.

Mudrooms / Laundry Rooms

Looking for that favorite pair of gloves during the unexpected storm or your child’s mitt for a baseball catch? We can help with seasonal edits and reorganization of these often cluttered areas.


Garages / Basements

Are there still boxes waiting to be unpacked from your last move? Let us help you tackle the clutter, eliminate all unused items and store memorabilia and keepsake.

home renovations

Home Renovations

About to undergo construction in your home? We understand this is an extremely stressful time and can help prepare a temporary, organized space using only that which you need on a regular basis. By streamlining this process it does not need to disrupt your daily life.



Overwhelmed by all the nursery necessities? Not only do we help prepare for baby’s arrival, we can assist in the purchase of baby products and essentials.

Summer Camp / Dorm Room Prep

Gathering all of the necessary essentials for your child’s time away from home can be stressful and sentimental. We can help take the emotion out of the process and get you truck/dorm ready, and purchase/prepare all related gear.



People downsize for all sorts of reasons. No matter why it is still an overwhelming, emotional process. We can help by taking inventory of your belongings and sort through what will come with you, be given away or stored. Once in a smaller home, space is at a premium so organization is critical to keeping your home efficient and your life simplified.

If there is a project you have in mind that is not mentioned above, please contact us to discuss. We can customize almost any space to a client’s needs.