We’re Moms, we understand your challenges and we can help.

Jamie Seslowe moved to Scarsdale from Manhattan with her family in 2002. Her background in real estate sales provided her with knowledge of clients’ wants and needs in regards to space. She recognized the need for system and space management and the harmony it provides to people’s lives. Her attention to detail and inability to rest until all is put away led her to the organizing world. After working under a professional organizer for three years, Jamie decided to start SORT IT OUT. As a mother of two, Jamie understands the constant demands of daily life and is constantly reorganizing areas of her home to keep up with the changing needs of her family.


Mauri Zemachson, originally from Denver, relocated to NYC after college. After a brief stint in retail, Mauri decided to attend graduate school and earned her Master of Arts in education. Teaching second grade was rewarding; however, Mauri always knew upon being raised by obsessively neat parents that she would follow in her sister’s footsteps as a professional organizer. After formal training under her sister’s meticulous eye she was ready to start SORT IT OUT. Mauri and her family settled in Scarsdale in 2006. As a mother of three, she is quite familiar with multi-tasking and scheduling conflicts. Mauri has recent experience tackling her own move and renovation.